Drug Month Comes To A Close… presents:

Drug Month Comes To A Close…

Prozac cat!

Drug Month goes out with a heavily medicated whimper! Tonight, we're playing all songs about prescription drugs, and then closing it out with another thoroughly awesome episode of Rum Doings in the second hour.

UPDATE: Show was great! I know, I always say that. You know why? Because it always IS. Yet another triumph, that's what I say! If you don't believe me, click here to download the podcast version from Radio4All. The episode of Rum Doings we aired at the end of the show was great too – you can download that by clicking here. As always, we encourage you to become a fan of us on Facebook. Tell your friends. Tell your lovers. You probably shouldn't tell you friends in recovery, but we secretly hope you will anyways. Click here to check out our Facebook page, and make that happen if you are so inclined. 

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Josh Sturgill


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    June 27th, 2011

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