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River City LimitsTotally Random—No Apparent Theme

Doug here, in for Greta today as your host for River City Limits with a totally random play list—literally plucked at random from WRIR’s music library. If you can find a theme among these tunes, you’ll know more than I do—except that all artists are local as to Richmond, Va, or the central Virginia area. So—kick back and let’s go exploring! Thank you so much for sharing St. Patrick’s Day with WRIR and please click on “Read More” to see today’s play list.


1st Hour

Artist/Track/CD Title:


The Phifer Marshall Band/Mill Hill Midge/Celebrate Recovery

Drew Gibson/Here in the Evening Too/Letterbox

Bryce Woodall & the Positrons/Random King/Sine Wave Sea

Allen Thompson/Wide Awake and Dreaming/Highway

Fuzzy Baby/Vida/Fuzzy Baby


Robin Wynn/Oblivion/Oblivion

Dumm-Dumms/Afraid to Smile/Oxymaroon

Trade Tunes/Time Capsule/Triple Twins

Suppresion/Release the Piranha/Release the Piranha

The Can Utility/Turn About/Afternoon Shave

Seas/Valley of the Fevers/Now My Home is a Beech Tree


Blue Line Highway/3 Ways to Go/A Perfect Curve

Cinemasophia/Whole Ghosts/Fits and Cycles

Scattered, Smothered and Covered/Patterson Express/Rudiment

Aces in Irons/Strong Enough to Smile/Aces in Irons

Boom/Thigh High Red Boots//One Hour Talisman


2nd Hour

Artist/Track/CD Title:


Jon Ramsey/Red Rocking Chair/Love in my Hand

Punch You in the Face Big/Sled Full of Swords/ Punch You in the Face Big


Oregon Hill Funk All-Stars/Freshy Girl/Backbeat Sacrifice

The Jeff McGall Project/Someone Else/Surprise Party


Ultra Dolphins/The Ape I Know/Alien Baby

No Apparent Reason/Ate Up With That Girl/Ain’t Got Much to Lose

West/Riyadh & Secret History/Pachyderm

Leslie Moruza/Duct Tape/All Eleven


David Lowery/Marigold/The Palace Guards

Gene Mills/Oregon Hill/Waiting for Rain

Marionette/Facing You/Facing You

Doug the Sub


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    March 17th, 2012

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