Eatin salad on the salad days show presents:

Salad DaysEatin salad on the salad days show

Anna G. here, subbing for Dan

Bush Tetras

*I hope veteran character actor Charles Durning has gotten himself an ice cold lemonade by now

Ain't Life Strange/ Pierced Arrows/ Descending Shadows
Blank Generation/ Richard Hell and the Voidiods
Dame Una Razon/ Davila 666/ Pa Que Vives
Psychosis V/ Los Peyotes/ Psychotic Reaction
Year One/ X/ Wild Gift
Rise Above/ Black Flag

Rompí la televisión/ Doctor Explosion/ Rompí la televisión
Ready to Go!/ Bare Wires/ Don't Ever Change
New Wave Kids/ Les Prostiputes/ Sexe En Steréo
Dig/ The Groovie Ghoulies/ 99 Lives
Ramona/ The Ramones/ Leave Home

Hear You Talking / Beverley Jones (w/ The Prestons)/ Destroy That Boy  1964
Laying On a Bed of Roses/ The Muffs/ Blonder and Blonder
We're Having Much More Fun/ X/ More Fun in the New World
This is a Song About Rock and Roll/ The Vignettes/ Teeth
Run Free/ Heavy Cream/ Danny
Hawkwound/ Heavy Cream/ Danny
Brass knuckles/ Personal and the Pizzas/ Raw Pie
Who Dat?/ The Vipers/ Garage Sale!
C'mon Everybody/ Sid Vicious/ Rock and roll swindle
Beef Bologna/ The Shitbirds/ Fathers and Sons of Garage Punk, vol.8: Garage Punk'n'Roll
Jack the Ripper/ Los Peyotes/ Cavernicola
Clavame En La Cruz/ Los Peyotes/ Garaje o Muerte
Demolicion/ Los Saicos/ Big Itch Vol 6-Assorted Pathetic Saicos Rock & Roll Mr Manicotti

Bdaaa!!!/ Los Peyotes/ Bdaaa!!! / El Entierro De Gatos
Whatever, I Hate Rock 'n' Roll/ Batman & Robin/ Fathers and Sons of Garage Punk, vol.8: Garage Punk'n'Roll Garage Punk
Mess Me Up/ Teengenerate/ Get Action
Glitter & Gold/ Cheap Time/ Cheap Time
Theme/ The Milkstains/ Hot Sauce Cemetary
Chuck Berry Holiday/ Nobunny/ Love Visions
Nobunny Loves You/ Nobunny/ Love Visions
The Curse of Being Young/ Hunx & His Punx/ Too Young To Be In Love
Bad Boy/ Hunx & His Punx/ Too Young To Be In Love

Shut Down/ The Condo F*cks/ F*ckbook
New Rose/ The Damned/ Damned Damned Damned
Ill in the Head/ Dead Kennedys/ Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
I Don't Wanna Walk Around With You/ The Ramones/ Leave Home
Keep Walking/ Parting Gifts/ Strychnine Dandelions
What Rock'N'Roll Is All About/ Oblivians/ Sympathy Sessions Rock
Debbie Loves Joey/ Hellen Love/ Bubblegum Killers
Neat Neat Neat/ The Damned/ Damned Damned Damned
Live the Life/ The Oblivians/ Play 9 Songs With Mr. Quintron
Beach Bums Must Die/ Thee Headcoats/ Beached Earls
E.M.I./ Sex Pistols/ Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols
Ha Ha Ha Ha/ Flipper/ Generic  Album



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    April 27th, 2012

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