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Public Enemy – Power to the People

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Michael Miracle

Whire Laces – Invocation
Plexi – Forest Ranger
Tracer – Indigenous
Ttotals – Special A
Hum – Stars
Hoax Hunters – Hoax Hunters
Ikara Colts – Video Clip Show
Causey Way – Geo Logical Lust
Sun – Reaction Satisfaction
Tricky – Broken Homes
Cyd Carise, Moira Shearer and Zizi Jeanmaire – The Diamond Crusher
Tony Bennett – The Best Is Yet To Come
Kelly Hogan – Daddy's Little Girl

(BrownCo Pick of the Week) Cat Power – Ruin
Suzi Quatro – Primitive Love
Sandy Posey – Patterns
Cowboy Junkies – I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry
Mister Rogers – Some Things I Don't Understand
Beck – Debra
Vinnie "D" – $55 Motel
The Transsylvanians – Janoska
The Command All Stars – Badinage
Totem – Firestarter Jimmy
Public Enemy – Power to the People

Michael Miracle


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    August 8th, 2012

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