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So many gigs the next several days. Hamaganza, Punks For Presents, Skalidays, The Catalyst's last show, etc., etc. I'll play you music related to many of these, and more, 9-11pmEST tonight. Then tomorrow (Saturday) 3-5pm I'll be back to host the 80s Show!

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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

Bio Ritmo – Lola's Dilemma  [tonight @ The Camel]
Gritter – Sayonara  [last nt @ SMatter]

Creep-A-Zoids – Dead by Dawn  [tonight @ Wonderland]
The Blackout Shift – Godzilla  [tonight @ Wonderland]

The Vapor Rhinos – Here Kitty Kitty  [tonight/ tomorrow at Hamaganza]
Thelma Shook (Dean Owen band) – You're Already Soaking In It

The Catalyst – (The Final Voyage of the) Spaceship Catalyst  [tonight @ SMatter]
Brainworms – Take Your Medicine  [tonight @ SMatter]
Navi – Explosions in the Guy  [tonight @ SMatter]

Snowy Owls – Pale Fire  [tomorrow @ SMatter, late]
Hoax Hunters – Copy of a Copy  [tomorrow @ SMatter, late]

Herro Sugar – Moments  [tomorrow @ SMatter, early]
Marionette (now Glass Twin) – Facing You  [tomorrow @ SMatter, early]
Hot Dolphin – Go Team USA  [Monday @ SMatter]

RPG – Don't You Take It Too Bad  [Matt Connor @ SMatter Tues, early]

Druglord – Misery Feeder  [Tues @ SMatter, late]
Red Money – Baby Comes Alive  [Tues @ SMatter, late]

Kid Is Qual – AOTY  [Thurs @ SMatter]
Occultist – Path of the Damned  [next Fri @ SMatter]

Jon Spencer Blues Explosion – 2 Kindsa Love
Milk Cult – Psychoanalytwist
Pigface – Tonight's the Night (Little Sisters Remix)

Alice Donut – Roaches in the Sink
Cows – Allergic to Myself
Mission of Burma – 1001 Pleasant Dreams
The Donnas – All Messed Up

Cracker – Blue Rosebuds  [Residents cover]
Indigo Girls – Clampdown  [Clash cover]



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    December 13th, 2013

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