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A few tracks from the new Jus Post Bellum release on the show today. Of course lots of other great stuff as usual. 

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 Artist                                       Track                                            Album

Alexander Wolfe Someone Else's Song Skeletons
Nora Jane Struthers Listen With Your Heart Carnival
Delta Spirit Tomorrow Goes Away Ode to Sunshine
Natalie Royal Let Me Let You Go  
The Melodic Lost To You Effra Parade
Alexi Murdoch Dream About Flying Time Without Consequence
Bill & Kate Isles She Kissed Me in the Morning Still Beneath the Stars and Moon
Amelia Highway Amelia's Living Room Volume 1
The Barr Brothers Old Mythologies The Barr Brothers
John Morrison Missing You  
Mike Williams Hye And Happy Camp Cuisine Tapes: Music From The Kerrville Campgrounds
Dave Van Ronk Oh, What A Beautiful City Down In Washington Square: The Smithsonian Folkways Collection
Putnam String County Band Perilous Journey Come To The Mountain
Jus Post Bellum For the Brokenhearted Oh July
Jordan Tice Ode to a Vending Machine Long Story
The Greencards Paddle the Torrens Sweetheart of the Sun
Barnaby Bright Finally Said It Gravity
Tom Adler Handing Down Jenny Where You Going
Ben Reynolds Skylark (scorner of the ground!) How Day Earnt Its Night
Kate York Kicking Stone Fly Away
The Barr Brothers Cloud (For Lhasa) The Barr Brothers
The Barr Brothers Ooh, Belle The Barr Brothers
Neil Young Only Love Can Break Your Heart Live At The Cellar Door
Yarn Wasted Life Shine the Light On
Abe Abraham Feel The Same West of West
Jus Post Bellum Lake, Minnesota Oh July
Amy Belle Charlevoix Acoustic
Barefoot Dance of the Sea 531 Miles from Aberdeen to Cardiff 531 Miles from Aberdeen to Cardiff
Corey Harris Station Blues Come To The Mountain
G. B. Grayson Ommie Wise Anthology Of American Folk Music, Vol. 1A: Ballads
Eric Walters


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    December 17th, 2013

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