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River City LimitsFirst Show First Track

In this first show of the new year, I will be taking the first track from local music albums. 

My Body My Fool               Dead Fame          Ep Singles

Ruined Morning                  Monday Machines     Monday Machines

Blots In The Margin                 My Darling Fury         Licking Wounds


OK Heidi                              The Green Hearts             EP

Traces of Gold                         Louisianna Territory        Traces of  Gold

Pocket Park                         Positive No


Embrace                          Canary Oh Canary     Last Night In Subway Knolls

Sound Asleep                  Marionette                       Facing You

Mighty Joshua                  Mighty Joshua                Mighty Joshua


Enlarged Heart                League of Space Pirates          Hypertrophy

Music Theory For Haters     Black Girls    

One Comes Forward                     One    Strictly From Original

Looking Down                        Channel 43     Cause and Effect Vol. 2 a benefit for WRIR


I Love Everything                     The Atkinsosn            Milemarker

Brass Scene Kids                  The No BS Brass Band     No BS

Mobile Tigers                          Fight The Big Bull                   All Is Gladness in the Kingdom


Stereo System                         Former Champions                 Spring

Paper Radio                          The Griefbirds                            Paper Radio

A Can of Gas and a Match       The Bush League                    A Can Of Gas and A Match

Option House                            Wave Shape or Form                 Person, Place or Thing


Went For A Bar, Stopped At A Walk    Near Earth Objects             Manual For Self Hypnosis


I Want Your Mind                           8 Bit Runner                            Secrets of The Grey

Proud                                        Mirror Kisses                                Bad Dreams

Rage Of The World                  Los 10 Space                             Newspaper Rock


di corazon                          Miramar                                               demo

eternal damnation                 Now Sleepyhead                          Nocturne


**Heino Est Mort                   Manu Chao                                   


Albert Green


Playlist temporarily unavailable.

    January 4th, 2014

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