From the River City! presents:

River City LimitsFrom the River City!

Girl Undone              Dead Fame

Power Hunger            Heavy Miidgets

Empty Light              Avers

Atomic                         Lightfields

You Keep The Muse    Ben Sheperd


Drunk City                    Hail Blackbird

Genius                           Mirror Kisses

Soul Tornado                 Black Girls

Perfectly  Mad              My Darling Fury


Deep Oblivion                  David Lowery

There is  a Wolf                Griefbirds

Catholic                         Canary Oh Canary


Everything Turns Grey         NO BS Band!

Lola's Dilemma                      Bio Ritmo

Lady Werewolf                       Hot Dolphin

Joan Crawford                     Dead Fame

Nothing New                       Heavy Midgets


White Horses                       Avers

Junior                                  Lightfields

Holding Back                     Black Water Gold


On The First Nght              Black Girls

I Get Uppa                           Amazing Ghost



Prison Break                   Hail Blackbird

Blots In The Margin           My Darling Fury

Facing You                         Marionette

Albert Green


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    August 16th, 2014

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