River City Limits: Fontaine Plus Some Stay Sweet Fest Guests presents:

River City LimitsRiver City Limits: Fontaine Plus Some Stay Sweet Fest Guests

Fontaine here today 5-7pmEST to bring you songs from Richmond, past and present. And I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have some special guests! Close Talker and Oklahoma Car Crash are playing Stay Sweet Fest, and they said they were gonna stop by the studio today to chat a bit. I've got new Iron Reagan, Anjou, etc. etc. So tune in!

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Ululating Mummies – Fields of Ice
Chrome Daddy Disco – Bloody Valentine
The Trillions – Parallelograms
Flannel – Greek Leisure Ideal

Tim Barry – Will Travel
Oklahoma Car Crash – I'm Happier Today
Sundials – 710

Ann Beretta – Bottlecaps
Inquisition – Warning

This Is Your Life – Purgatory
Hold Tight! – Mother Leopard
Pedals on Our Pirate Ships – I'm Sorry Amelia
Jake Mayday – Memory's Lament / I Hope You Die

Iron Reagan – Eyeball Gore
Iron Reagan – Cycle of Violence
Iron Reagan – Miserable Failure

Close Talker – Mop Water

Brief Lives – Drive Blind
Brainworms – Vulgar Display of Flowers
Sea of Storms – Belly Full of Bones

Parasytic – Traitor
Family Cat – Big Black (Songs About Fucking)
Navi – Explosions in the Guy
Little Master – Something Wrong

Oklahoma Car Crash – Mountainside
Sundials – Mosby Blues
Close Talker – Chinese Sunday

Honor Role – Following Footprints
Dead Fame – We Can Run

Lamb of God – The Number Six
Inter Arma – 'sblood



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    November 22nd, 2014

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