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Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Wilson Pickett – Engine Number 9
Gloria Roeder – Limbering Up Exercises
The Rolling Stones – Going to a Go-Go
Johnny Tillotson – It Keeps Right on a-Hurtin'
Chuck Brown (Crate & Barrel kids TV show) – Giant Tickle Feather
Gabor Szabo – The Beat Goes on
Gary Wilson – Cindy
Cults Percussion Ensemble – Circles
Stu Phillips – Up an Old Dirt Road
The California Poppy Pickers – Hushabye
Ross Jeffries – Internal Representations
Orion – Be Bop a Lula
Jimi Hendrix – Sunshine of Your Love
Great Divine Reactors feat. Elizabeth Claire Prophet – Preamble
Herve Villechez – Why Do People Have to Fight
Period 9 Second Semester Group 4 – Super Dude
Useless Playboys – I'm Useless
Complete – Hot as Hell
Millie Jackson – You Created a Monster
MSR Singers – Chicken Leg
Patty Andrews – Too Old to Dance the Rock & Roll
John Wayne – The People
The Dream Syndicate – When You Smile
Dr Hunter S Thompson – Terry the Tramp Interview
Jerry Lee Lewis – Born to be a Loser
Danny & Dena Gugliemi – Firelight Reverie
Scott Walker – Tilt
Legion of Rock Stars – Jump
CB Radio – Courtesy on the Air

Bill Farrar


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    May 17th, 2015

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