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Devo – Freedom of Choice (theme)
Lee Gillson – Dear Mr President
Harvey Sid Fisher – Leo
David Soul – Mean Old Woman
Joe Beard – What does a Bad Person Look Like?
Brazilian Tropical Orchestra – Help
Thin Lizzy – Jailbreak
Dr Hook – Wups
Den Harrow – Bad Boys
Tom Lehrer – She's My Girl
Ajay Lowery – Cut the Thieving Hands Off the IRS
Deacon Sam Jackson & Choir – Over in Zion
Ruskin Germino – Track 6
What Smoking has Done for Me – Part 1
Steel Panther – I Like Drugs
Menster & Phipps – Great Shake Spot
Ron Goodman – The Rings of Saturn
Mme St. Onge – Chez Moi (Call Me)
Conway Twitty – The Rose
The Best of Video Game Music – Galaga
The Del Rubio Triplets – What a Difference a Day Makes
MSR Singers – Chicken Leg
Enoch Light & His Orchestra – I Want to be Happy
Pent-R Books (Sexual Pleasures) – The Vagina
The Clash – Stay Free
Dr. Michael Dean – Self-Hyponosis

Bill Farrar


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    October 11th, 2015

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