Wide Ear Folk: March 15, 2016: 3-5 p.m.: Subbing For Eric presents:

Wide Ear FolkWide Ear Folk: March 15, 2016: 3-5 p.m.: Subbing For Eric

Welcome to Wide Ear Folk.  I'm Garry, and I'll be sitting in for Eric this week.  My usual spot here at WRIR is the Lost Music Saloon show on Mondays from 5-7 p.m. where I air a mix of Americana, alt-country, roots rock, indie singer-songwriters & bands, and even some modern folk songs from time to time.  I take the "Wide Ear" portion of 'Wide Ear Folk' seriously, and I'm especially fond of the various hyphenated forms of folk music: folk-pop; folk-rock; country-folk; folk-blues; etc.  I might explore a few nooks and crannies that Eric doesn't often visit, but hey – – that's one of the good things you get with a sub-DJ, right?  Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy today's program.


Wide Ear Folk: PLAYLIST: March 15, 2016: 3-5 p.m.: Subbing For Eric


Joe West & the Sinners: Trip to Roswell, New Mexico

Dar Williams: What Do You Hear in These Sounds

Kira Isabella: Quarterback

David Rovics: Minimum Wage Strike


Dan Bern: President

Peter Case: Pelican Bay

Michael Reno Harrel: The Nickel

Tom Russell: He Wasn't a Bad Kid, When He Was Sober


Ryan Bingham: Nobody Knows My Troubles

Paper Compass: Broken, Forgetful, Torn

Gurf Morlix: 50 Years

Michael Meanwhile: Rise & Fall


Chatham County Line: The Carolinian

David Roth: Does Joni Mitchell Ever Mow the Lawn

Brandy Clark: Hungover

Neil Finn & Paul Kelly: Careless


Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer: Gentle Arms of Eden

Billy Marlow: Never Figured You For Gone

Continental Drifters: Matty Groves

Chris Smither: Happier Blue


cottonmouth, tx: Stripper

Butch Hancock: West Texas Waltz

Kate Miller-Heidke: Caught in the Crowd

Oscar Isaac: Never Had


Cary Cooper: Charlie Brown Kind of Day

Bobbie Gentry: Reunion

Josh Ritter: Getting Ready to Get Down

Raury: Devil's Whisper


Garry, Sub-DJ

Wide Ear Folk

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Garry Morse


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    March 15th, 2016

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