The Church of the Ecstatic with Morgan Niles: Grow Up and Blow Away (Nostalgia Feeds and Burns the Soul) presents:



Tonight’s show is all about the crushing, bittersweet, and hilarious sides of nostalgia, and it will chronicle all of the songs that have set my soul on fire in my 25-year life span. We’ll begin at the tender age of 3 in 1994, with my first memories of songs, hear some of the first music I ever developed a taste for in between long division problems, stumble awkward and angsty through the braces, pop punk, and sexual tension of middle and high schools, and then, just for an excuse to procrastinate on that term paper during ages 18-21, we’ll come to a sighing stop in 2012. It’s been a pretty raw and intimate experience putting this show together, and I’m so excited and anticipatory to share! So make sure to put some batteries in your discman, because this playlist is definitely jog-proof.






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    May 19th, 2016

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