Kisses With Foreign Fishes — Mappy Chranukwanz presents:

And a festivus for the restuvus! Christmas is officially over (Happy Boxing Day!), but it’s the first day of Kwanzaa, the third Day of Chanukkah, and New years is coming up, so there is plen-ty still to celebrate. I’ve got merengue and cumbia for a Navidad bailable, a couple of African Christmas songs, plus some favorites from South Africa, some electronica, and I’ll be staring out with a band from a little town called Bethlehem or Bayt Lahm or Bet Lehem and a whole set from the region of Palsrael Israestein. Give it a listen before you call to yell at me (but definitely still call, it’s late and I love phone calls even when they’re arguments). Anyhoo, Joy to the world! Peace! and a ton of love to you all through the holidays and all the rest of the time too!


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    December 26th, 2016

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