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My friend Shawnis is here with me tonight 9-11pmEDT to talk about next weekend’s Williams Fest (aka Kyle Trax Fest). Lots of bands are gonna help celebrate the life of our friend who drummed in Cherry Pits, Benderheads, etc (and who left us April 15th). And we’ll talk about other upcoming shows.

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Meat Beat Manifesto – United Nations

Venus Throw – Twelve Glass Soldiers [tmrw at Sound of Music]
Ladygod – Can’t Go Wrong [tmrw at Sound of Music]

Shannon & the Clams – Backstreets  [request]
Fleshtones – Hexbreaker  [request]

Earthling – Howl  [Sun 7/1 at En Su Boca]
Gnarcave – Undertow  [Sun 7/1 at En Su Boca]
Slump -Who Owns the Void  [Sun 7/1 at En Su Boca]
Cruzer – Living in Crud  [Sun 7/1 at En Su Boca]
Nightcreature – Revenge Is Fun  [Sun 7/1 at En Su Boca]
Big No – My Mind Won’t Shut Up  [Sun 7/1 at En Su Boca]
Naked Baby – Night Tripper  [Sun 7/1 at En Su Boca]

Cherry Pits – Clinger
Benderheads – Contest / Soc Number
Sick Bags – Cigarette Spit
The You Go Girls – Y’all Don’t Want Me to Beg

GBH – City Baby Attacked by Rats  [Sat @Canal Club]
Pinata Protest – La Cucaracha  [Sat @Canal Club]
Pylon – Feast on my Heart  [next Fri @SMatter]

Iron Reagan – Take the Fall  [Sat @ “ask a punk”]
Loud Night – Conventional Desruction  [Sat @ “ask a punk”]

Serqet – Kali Ma  [Sat @Vegetarian Fest]
Shadow Age – The Fall  [Sat @Vegetarian Fest]

Deathbirds Surf Club – The Ripper  [Sat @Vegetarian Fest]
Pete Curry – Nobody’s Home  [6/30 @Chum Media B-day Bash]
Trouble Boys – WWIII  [7/5 @SMatter]
BBQT – Let’s Go  [7/5 @SMatter]


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    What the Fontaine?!    June 22nd, 2018

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