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So tonight as we freestyle in the normal style in which we rap live on the radio that we ALWAYS DO of course GOSH. Tonight Dee and Correct are back! That’s MC Correct and Distant Dee. Some of our oldest friends!


And also King Rich and Neighborhood Mink come to freestyle. From the show at the Richmonder. I think the Richmonder is just fine. I can’t wait until they open up the Richmondest! That’ll be great.


This was a rap show.

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    Time: November 8 - 9:00:09 pm
  • Gypsy Woman - Single

    Crystal Waters, “Gypsy Woman”

    from Gypsy Woman - Single

    M.O.D.A. - Music Fashion - 2012

  • Time: November 8 - 9:07:34 pm
  • Lil Wayne, “My Name Is”

    from My Name Is

    Young Money - 2015

  • Time: November 8 - 9:11:14 pm
  • Paper Cranes

    P.T. Burnem, “Cops and Robbers”

    from Paper Cranes

    No Hero. - 2009

  • Time: November 8 - 9:14:41 pm
  • Handsome Pete - Single

    Dankmus., “Drinkypoos”

    from Handsome Pete - Single

    DankCrest Enterprises - 2019

  • Time: November 8 - 9:16:02 pm
  • Lewse Joints VI

    Ohbliv, “Street Level”

    from Lewse Joints VI

    Ohbliv - 2017

  • Time: November 8 - 9:18:49 pm
  • Kooku & Sanjo, “Kooley and Sanji's DJ Cypher with Raps!”

    from Live on WRIR 2019-11-09


    Secret Bonus Level    November 9th, 2019

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