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Hallo Leute 😉 Drink something no bitte(please) drink whatever you need to settle in. Whether it’s Kaffee, Tee. Wasser, oder Schnapps trust me we know this show can be a lot. But for those of you who are new to the show zuerst(first)Wilkommen zu unsersen Deutscher Jam 🙂. I am your host Janell and Leute(Guys) per usual we have a flight to catch. . BUT pack lightly and honestly leave your unnecessary baggage behind, because when I tell you the only way to be on the same vibe as us is be operating on a higher frequency. believe me. . No one should feel left out, that’s why I’m here to ensure the room has been created so all us can be on the same vibration as the music. So that being said let me ask,  what frequency are you on tonight? Did you stumble onto the wrong foot this Monday? Did your RuheTag(Sunday) recharge you in all the areas you needed? If yes to the last question then tonight’s show is going to give us life! But for those of you having a shaky start into the week keine sorgen(don’t you even worry) I got you, and I have something special waiting for you!



Alles Liebe

Janell 😉

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    Deutscher Jam    July 26th, 2021

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