Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music presents:


Starting with new music from Luciana Demingongo and from Reddy Amisi.

Hear some great classics from Orchestre Somo Somo and Orchestre Super Boboto de Brazzaville.

We’ll have some songs featuring the late Mavuela Somo and, in the second hour,  some requests.

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    Time: November 20 - 11:00:33 am
  • King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band, “sebene from DORIS ILOKO (theme song)”


    Black Music - 1995

  • Time: November 20 - 11:02:28 am

    Luciana Demingongo, “Mbote ya Likasu”

    from RANDO

    Une plume une voix une guitare - 2022

  • Time: November 20 - 11:09:21 am
  • Bailo Canto

    Reddy Amisi, “Gbenye”

    from Bailo Canto

    Casa Do Canto Entertainment - 2022

  • Time: November 20 - 11:16:05 am
  • Orchestre Somo Somo, “Emoakana”

    from Emoakana - Single

    LAA Records - 2022

    Original African 1975

  • Time: November 20 - 11:25:50 am
  • Orchestre Super-Boboto de Brazzaville, “U.R.F.C.”

    from 45 RPM single

    Editions S.B.B.

  • Time: November 20 - 11:31:39 am
  • Les Grands Succès du Prince Y.M., Vol. 2

    Youlou Mabiala, “Loufoulakari”

    from Les Grands Succès du Prince Y.M., Vol. 2

    Glenn Music - 1996

  • Time: November 20 - 11:44:52 am
  • Nouveau Combattant

    Zao, “Tchinienia”

    from Nouveau Combattant

    Celluloid - 2015

  • Time: November 20 - 11:49:48 am
  • Minzoto Wela Wela, “Bibi Pambu”

    from Special Wela-Wela

    Musi Club - 1983

  • Time: November 20 - 12:01:36 pm
  • Mavuela Somo, “Djenny”

    from Affaire Mougoye


  • Time: November 20 - 12:12:03 pm
  • Les Éveilleurs De L'orchestre Zaiko

    Zaiko Langa Langa, “Zania 1 & 2”

    from Les Éveilleurs De L'orchestre Zaiko

    Ngoyarto - 1975

  • Time: November 20 - 12:22:01 pm
  • Wenge el Paris & Marie Paul, “La Vie”

    from Eboulement

    Sonima Music - 2002

    by request

  • Time: November 20 - 12:29:43 pm
  • Vision

    Extra Musica Nouvel Horizon, “Médaille d'or”

    from Vision

    Universal Music Africa - 2021

    by request

  • Time: November 20 - 12:37:31 pm
  • Orchestre Sacramento, “Obili”

    from Sandruma Canicule

    Stan Ruddy Production/Sonima Music - 2004

    by request

  • Time: November 20 - 12:45:34 pm
  • Power "Kosa Leka", Vol. 1

    Fally Ipupa, “Amour Assassin”

    from Power "Kosa Leka", Vol. 1

    Obouo Productions - 2013

  • Time: November 20 - 12:52:47 pm
  • King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band, “Mwana Schengen”

    from Nouvel Ordre

    Lusafrica - 2002

    Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music    November 20th, 2022

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  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Before playing Benz Petrole’s song, today it’s 24 years that Jean Baptiste Kabasele Yampanya Pepe Kalle left us, also when you started the programm, Ben Nyamabo passed away 2 years ago.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Or Benz Petrole with the song No! No! No! from Star Academy ?

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    After playing La vie and Obili, next time i came with that Sandruma project again but do you have for example Contre Attaque of Emeneya’s guys, Dream Team (not Utezi, but there were other songs on that album) ?

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Voila voilà thanks, merci a a toute l’équipe de WRIR et surtout merci Vieux na nga David. Bonne travail. Et aux Européens bonne nuit, gute nacht

  • Anastasio says:

    oh la la

  • Anastasio says:

    aaaaaah mobali ya bato, Cypi Umande (une plume une voix une guitare)

  • Anastasio says:

    Merci vieux. I think that the song Obili would come.

  • David Noyes says:

    Yes. Second hour. Yes. Second hour.

  • Anastasio says:

    i don’t know if you had my songs today since i also asked it 4 weeks i think

  • Anastasio says:

    Bonjour David tu es de retour, i had a request but you wasn’t there the last 2 weeks. I told you in the last post.

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