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Music from the 60s to today. Including some songs from albums I picked up in Paris around 1995-2005.

Ending up with some great Bantous on vinyl..

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    Time: August 13 - 11:00:31 am
  • King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band, “sebene from DORIS ILOKO (theme song)”


    Black Music - 1995

  • Time: August 13 - 11:01:55 am
  • Victime de la mode

    Modogo Gian Franco Ferre, “Caro”

    from Victime de la mode

    KP&P-Sonodisc - 1993

    by request

  • Time: August 13 - 11:08:39 am
  • Ango-Stars, “Maloungoua”

    from Moussa Diouf presente Ango Stars

    Moussa Diouf

  • Time: August 13 - 11:13:50 am
  • Cherie Na Nga

    Jeannot Bel, “Melody”

    from Cherie Na Nga

    Prosmart Studio - 2013

  • Time: August 13 - 11:20:06 am
  • Mako l'Ambassadeur - Le Grand Pretre Mfumu Pa, “Elelo Ya Ba Wa”

    from L'Amour Etranger

    Sonima Music

  • Time: August 13 - 11:27:24 am
  • Génération Zangul & Lyns Marie, “Danse, Souris Danse”

    from Premium

    Cyriaque Bassoka Productions - 2005

  • Time: August 13 - 11:33:47 am
  • François Ekofo Présente Sedjo-Kha I'Homme Orchestre

    Sedjo-Kha, “Espoir”

    from François Ekofo Présente Sedjo-Kha I'Homme Orchestre

    Air B.Mas Production - 2010

  • Time: August 13 - 11:43:03 am
  • L'Anti-Choc

    Wally Ngonda et L'Anti-Choc, “Grâce à Dieu”

    from L'Anti-Choc

    Gina Kiakou Production - 1988

  • Time: August 13 - 11:52:21 am
  • Ferdinand Mbala et Chiden Dembuta, “Visa Ya Long Sejour”

    from Ainsi Va La Vie

    Anytha-Ngapy Productions - 1985

  • Time: August 13 - 12:01:42 pm
  • Empire Bakuba Bombe Atomique

    Pepe Kalle, “Ebembe Ya Soso”

    from Empire Bakuba Bombe Atomique

    Afro Rythmes - 1985

  • Time: August 13 - 12:09:49 pm
  • Lita Bembo & Stukas Orchestra, “Ley-Sen”

    from Lita Bembo avec Stukas Orchestra

    Disques Esperance - 1987

  • Time: August 13 - 12:20:01 pm
  • Le T.P. OK Jazz, “Les On Dit”

    from En Live

    Cyriaque Bassoka Productions - 1993

  • Time: August 13 - 12:28:58 pm
  • OK JAZZ 66 ans

    Luambo Makiadi Franco, “Locataire”

    from OK JAZZ 66 ans

    Air Monde Culture - 2023

  • Time: August 13 - 12:39:17 pm
  • Immortal Franco: Africa's Unrivalled Guitar Legend

    Syran Mbenza & Ensemble Rumba Kongo, “Matinda”

    from Immortal Franco: Africa's Unrivalled Guitar Legend

    World Music - 2008

  • Time: August 13 - 12:45:23 pm
  • Les Bantous de la Capitale, “Ibe”

    from Les Bantous de la Capitale

    Sonima Music - 1997

  • Time: August 13 - 12:52:17 pm
  • Les Bantous de la Capitale, “Ndele Okelela Ngai”

    from 45 RPM single

    Pathe/Stenco - 1964

  • Time: August 13 - 12:55:24 pm
  • Les Bantous, “Bolingo Ti Be Oko (Afro Boléro)”

    from Danse Party de Reve a Brazzville


    Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music    August 13th, 2023

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  • Gichenje C says:

    Hey. sad news Vivi Kalenga Nzanzi passed away in August. He was a vocalist with Ochestra Les Mangelepa a Congolese band based in Nairobi, Kenya.

  • Alice Howard says:

    Hi David Hope you and your family are well. Great selection of music today. You do such a wonderful job bringing this great music to us and I really appreciate you. Thank you for including my favorities Bantous and Franco and OK Jazz. I remember seeing Franco at the Kilimanjaro. Best time ever. Thanks for all you do. PEACE

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    the one from Star Academy and the other one from Ere de verite

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Ok. Do you have Mibali ya lelo from Benz Petrole and Waku Waku Kwa from Z1 International for the next time (very soon) ?

  • David Noyes says:

    Sorry. No idea what this in reference to.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    But about 2003-2005 must be Didier Masela, Benz Petrole or FLASH. I don’t know. On attend !

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Are there also some requested songs ?

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Which albums from the 2000s do you play now ?

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