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Zak Vincent

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Gatwood Square Dance Band Third Party
George Wade & Francum Braswell Think A Little
Lonesome Luke & His Farm Boys Beaver Valley Breakdown
Taylor- Griggs Louisiana Melody Makers Ione
Short Creek Trio The OldHen Cackled & The Rooster Crowed
Roy Harvey & Leonard Copeland Just Pickin'
Lowe Stokes, Homer Miller, Walt McKinney, Billy in the Low Ground
Crockett's Kentucky Mountaineers Little Rabbit
A.A Grey & Seven Foot Dilly The Old Ark's A- Movin'
Frank Blevins & His Tar Heel Rattlers I've Got No Honey Baby Now
Reaves White County Ramblers Strawberry Blues
North Carolina Cooper Boys Daniel in the Den of Lions
Pine Mountain Boys Apron String Blues
Prince Albert Hunt Katy on Time
Red Gay & Jack Wellman Flat Wheel Train Blues Pt. 1 & 2
Uncle Dave Macon & His Fruit Jar Drinkers Go Along Mule
North Carolina Ridge Runners Be Kind to a Man When He is Down
Georgia Yellow Hammers Big Ball in Memphis
Ephraim Woodie & His Henpecked Husbands The Fatal Courtship
The Allen Brothers Bow Wow Blues
Dallas String Band with Coley Jones Shine
Bobbie Leecan's Need More Band Washboard Cut Out
Bogus Ben Covington Adam & Eve in the Garden of Eden
Furry Lewis Mean Old Bed Bug Blues
Furry Lewis Furry's Blues
Marquise Knox America's Blues
Sheila Kay Adams Say Darlin' Say
Ben Hall Oklahoma Hills
Paddy Keenan Coppers & Brass/ The Rambling Pitchfork
Conteno La Novia de Bocho

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