Red Suns Radio

Red Suns Radio Set to Heavy


Thats right DJ Heavy Styles taking over the Red Suns and setting it to HEAVY gritty and hard tunes all night

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Nirvana Something in the Way
Deftones Change
Shagwuf Run o bad luck
Shagwuf Swamp D
1000mods Voltage
Queens of the Stone Age Mexicola
Queens of the stonage A Song for the Dead
Clutch Earth Rocker
Clutch The Wolfman Kindly requests
Black Sabbath NIB
Black Sabbath God is Dead
Pantera Planet Caravan
Megadeth Conquer or Die
Kyuss Molten Universe
Ozzy Ozbourne Mr.Crowley
Iron Maiden Hallowed Be thy Name
Judas Preist Victim of Changes
the Doors 5 to 1
the Doors Back Door Man
RATM Sleep Now in the Fire
RATM Guerilla Radio
Phrohets of Rage Prophets of Rage

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