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Tonight on The Unquiet Grave (9-11pm right here on WRIR) we’re exploring the sub-sub-SUBgenre of Industrial Crust, starting with some scene-setting via early crust’s flirtations with sampling and electronic influences, John Peel and the labels Earache and Peaceville exposing crust, industrial, and metal bands to the world and each other; moving on to East Anglia and the whole Deviated Instinct family; taking in a portion of one of the most underrated concept albums of all time; closing out with a couple of bands that somehow aren’t even from England. You can relisten to this and all previously aired Unquiet Grave episodes at this link.
Here are links to two excellent articles that each cover some of the music played in this episode:

Tapping the Vein: Industrial Crust
Let’s Ruminate On Punk’s Coming Of Age: Killing Joke and Amebix

    The Unquiet Grave    March 5th, 2023

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