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  Willkommen! Willkommen, schnell kommen Sie bitte rein und setzen Sie sich irgendwo bequem hin. Falls Sie Popcorn oder na schnaps möchten gibts umsonst beim Kiosk. Bitteschön. Welcome! As I already told our German speaking audience; Welcome! Come on in and get comfortable. If you’re in the mood for popcorn or some schnapps you can get it for free at the Kiosk. Okay, now that we’ve created the mood for today I hope you enjoy what the show will be bring you. The title of today’s post is “Theaterstück” translated “A play”. I thought it matched well with the way I like to present this radio show, by trying to get you to use your creative imagination to see what Germany is bringing this afternoon. Every Artist is presenting you with a new scene, so if you do not fully grasp the language through sound you can mentally get an idea, and vaguely “See” the message they are trying to get across. Practice makes perfect, keinen stress. Today there is going to be a wave of artists that I think will give you the exact dose of Deutsch that you’ll need going into the weekend. Now think about this, the genre of Hip-Hop was created in the mid-1970s by African Americans and Latinos on the East Coast of the United States, a phenomenon that has now swept the globe. It has core elements of DJ-ing, rapping, breakdancing, and graffiti – all of which shapes and diversifies an ever-growing range of artistic, cultural, political, intellectual and social practices. Hip-Hop represents a remarkable contribution to world culture with its vision and message of change, not only locally and nationally but globally. It has emerged as a culture that integrates and encourages innovative practices of expression and social identity, just as much as political mobilization in countries. I read a book by Jeff Chang called “The Art Aesthetics of Hip-Hop “ in it he states, “Hip-Hop is one of the most far-reaching art movements of the past three decades.” In regard to the world of Hip-Hop, it no longer is a dominating force solely in the United States, but has become a widespread practice of handling unity and oppression across the globe. Shifting the focus to the Hip-Hop scene in Germany, since the 2000s through Hip-Hop, Germany has transformed into a powerhouse! Viel Spass!

    Deutscher Jam    October 30th, 2020

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