The Motherland Influence presents:

G.Kabaka Opara on guitar


I’ll be playing all African music today, starting with sizzling hot late ’70s highlife out of eastern Nigeria.

The featured artist in the first hour will be guitarist Godwin Kabaka Opara with The Oriental Brothers International and the Kabaka International Guitar Band, including a track from the newly reissued album on the Colombian Palenque Records label. The rest of set will be all 70s and 80s vinyl tracks by Kabaka’s band and few others.

In the second hour you will hear music from the brand new compilation of 80s music from Orchestre Massako of Gabon on the Analog Africa label. There will also be some great rare 80s vinyl tracks by Mack Joss with Orchestre Massako and some songs by other bands of the era.

This one loves volume.

    The Motherland Influence    April 3rd, 2022

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