Friday Clock Out presents:

Rough Age - "Hit"

L.J. has Coldon Martin joining him to DEBUT the NEW single from his BRAND NEW band, Rough Age!

Do you like Sonic Youth? Mission of Burma? Then, this might be something you dig. Or, as the band describe themselves: “Post-Punk With Pop Hooks…But Don’t Worry, Not Too Many.” LJ is totally going to give Coldon grief about this tagline.

Coldon is formerly of Lightfields. Coldon and LJ have been friends for quite a few years at this point and like argue and commiserate about music. Coldon is a true music geek and a pleasure as a friend, so this should be a pretty delightful show!

    Friday Clock Out    January 10th, 2020

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Friday Clock Out presents:

Fools! Idiots! Dullards!

Today L.J. is spinning a LOVING TRIBUTE TO STUPIDITY! We have your fools. Your dullards. Your cretins. Your idiots. And probably some Talk Talk.

    Friday Clock Out    September 28th, 2018

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