Rotating Science, Food Justice and Green News Programming presents:

Here at B Side, we understand that Pride is every day all year round. But October in Richmond means Pride Month for the LGBTQ+ community! Here our reporters Brianna Scott, Kim Strother and Jaclyn Barton tell you about what Richmond is doing to make it fun; or maybe, what the city can do better.

Hosted and Produced by Ben Fluet and Jordan Christie. Executive Producer Melissa Vaughn of RVA Dirt’s Municipal Mania.

Covering a wide(r) topical variety of local news in Richmond, featuring a rotating round-up of local reporters and modules.

Live on air every 3rd, 4th and the occasional 5th Monday at 12 PM.

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    Rotating Science, Food Justice and Green News Programming    October 21st, 2019

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The Church of the Ecstatic presents:

I had been planning this playlist for Pride month ages ago, but this week it became especially important.  A personal and emotional show for me, focusing on gender and LGBT issues and artists – especially artists that opened my eyes and inspired me through the years.  No matter your identity or orientation, stand tall.  Much love to you all!

    The Church of the Ecstatic    June 16th, 2016

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