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TONIGHT (9-11 pm right here on WRIR): Travel with me to a world of mind-bending technicality, blasphemy, innovation, and gore: that’s right—we’re going to Tampa, Florida! This is a re-do of the “lost” Florida Death Metal episode, now with an upgraded playlist and at least 6% more riffs. We’ll hear from the big four of Florida DM, of course, and also the second string, but we’ll take in some proto-DM, sub-subgenres like prog/death, and very deep cuts as well (ever heard Matricide’s “Mother’s Day”??). Listen live right here, or check the archive later (where you can listen to all the previously-aired episodes) at

Here is a link to the Acheron interview mentioned in this episode!

    The Unquiet Grave    March 19th, 2023

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