good feelings


I’m in a great mood tonight Hit me up with song requests, anything that makes u happy



Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
The Dead Milkmen - Punk Rock Girl
sonic youth kool thing
the buzzcocks why can't i touch it
violent femmes good feeling
descendents hope
joan jett i wanna be your dog
Siouxsie and the banshees - peek-a-boo
beastie boys egg man
meat puppets lake of fire
the vandals my girlfriend's dead
the jam the modern world
the cars just what i needed
the living end second solution
lagwagon brown eyed girl
dag nasty values here
rhcp magic johnson
japandroids the boys are leaving town
johnny quest skinny and fatty
squirrel bait hammering so hard
talking heads psycho killer
dead kennedys holiday in cambodia
the specials sock it to em' JB
the clash know your rights
7 seconds 99 red ballooons
the jim carrol band people who died
the exploited sex and violence
cake short skirt long jacket
the runnaways cherry bomb
black flag slip it in
sparks eaten by the monster of love

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