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4 years ago,the Italians took their 4th World Cup title (the only country who has more is Brazil with 5 titles) and since your humble host is a native Italian,I gots to re-pree-zent!

"The Azzurri" will be playing their first match this afternoon against Paraguay. Nobody expects them to repeat,in fact most of the predictions don't even have them getting out of the quarter finals,which is why they need all the help they can get!

So I'll be sending out the "wop vibe" this morning with the ONE thing ALL Italians respond positively to…FOOD!!!

A sort of "Mangi Mojo",if you will!


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Martin Sexton / Diner

G. Love & Special Sauce / Milk & Cereal

Block / Sweet Potato Pie

Moby / Honey

Soul Coughing / Soft Serve


Wax Fang / Cannibal Summer

Fools Garden / Lemon Tree

Stranglers / Golden Brown

Ambulance Ltd / Sugar Pill

Camera Obscura / Honey In The Sun


The Smiths / Some Girls Are Bigger Than Others

Dogs Die In Hot Cars / Apples & Oranges

Stubborn All-Stars / Tin Spam

King Khan & The Shrines / Took My Lady To Dinner

A Band Of Bees / Chicken Payback

The Dilettantes / Marzipan


The Fizzies / Eggs Benedict

The Posies / Flavor Of The Month

Sloan / Cheap Champagne

Kristoffer Ragnstam / Breakfast By The Mattress

Ben Folds Five / Sports & Wine

Chuck Ragan / California Burritos

The Replacements / Waitress In The Sky


Cracker / Sweet Thistle Pie

Clap Your Hands Say Yeah / Gimmie Some Salt

Pretty & Nice / Sea Legs

The Cavedogs / Tayter Country

Squeeze / Pulling Mussels (from the shell)


Fol Chen / No Wedding Cake

Natalie Portman's Shaved Head / Mouth Full Of Bones



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    June 13th, 2010

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