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Blur / Universal

Besnard Lakes / Disaster

Cafe Tacuba / 53100

Clean / Tensile


Ash / Goldfinger

Material Issue / Kim The Waitress

Jellyfish / That Is Why

Matthew Sweet / Divine Intervention

Odds / Do You Know?

Adrian Belew / One Of Those Days


The B 52's – Dry County

The Farm / All Together Now

Babybird / If You'll Be Mine


Emmet Swimming / Sunblock

Satchel / Without Love

Milltown Brothers / Never Come Down Again

The Tender Idols / For Love I'd Die

The Thrills / The Irish Keep Gate Crashing


Cola / Bikeracks

The Cars / Gimmie Some Slack

Iggy Pop / Punkrocker

Cocktail Slippers / You Do Run

Title Tracks / Found Out


Barenaked Ladies / Box Set

Space / Female Of The Species

Mark Ronson ft. Paul Smith / Apply Some Pressure

Erasure / Love To Hate You

Bran Van 3000 / Old School



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    June 20th, 2010

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