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Tonight at 11pm EST on WRIR LP 97.3FM Richmond Independent Radio www. wrir. org “METAL BOX” presents score from Netflix’s German horror/thriller action film “Blood Red Sky” composed by Dascha Dauenhauer… Plus special LIVE interview with classic heavy metal band “DEAD EARTH” hailing from Cleveland, Ohio!!! And new music from death metal/industrial opera/goth artist DISCORD: Industrial Opera from Kansas City, Missouri… The blood with run tonight!!!

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    Metal Box    July 29th, 2021

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  • Yancy Lambert says:

    I apologize for that!!! I lost track of time, because of the interview. I will make sure to be off on time. You have a killer show as well!

  • I liked you show, but can you make sure you don’t cut into mine next time, that would be great!

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