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    Time: January 15 - 11:00:17 am
  • King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band, “sebene from DORIS ILOKO (theme song)”


    Black Music - 1995

  • Time: January 15 - 11:03:18 am
  • Afro Soucous

    Zico Man, “Mon Choix”

    from Afro Soucous

    Edition Veve International - 2010

  • Time: January 15 - 11:09:48 am
  • JB Mpiana, “Choisy Matatata”

    from Balle de Match

    Universal Music Africa - 2022

  • Time: January 15 - 11:17:07 am
  • Formule 7

    Fally Ipupa, “Lady D”

    from Formule 7

    Elektra France - 2022

  • Time: January 15 - 11:24:56 am
  • Mario (feat. Le Tout Puissant O.K. Jazz)

    Franco, “Mario (feat. Le Tout Puissant O.K. Jazz) Original 1985”

    from Mario (feat. Le Tout Puissant O.K. Jazz)

    Sonodisc - 2010

  • Time: January 15 - 11:38:09 am
  • Renaissance

    ZAO, “Mama Nzele”

    from Renaissance

    Le Monde des Artistes - 2000

  • Time: January 15 - 11:42:49 am
  • Round 2

    Black Bazar, “Black Mani”

    from Round 2

    Lusafrica - 2013

  • Time: January 15 - 11:46:28 am
  • Mabanzo

    Juanita Euka, “Nalingi Mobali Te”

    from Mabanzo

    Strut - 2022

    Franco's niece

  • Time: January 15 - 11:53:46 am
  • Bozi Boziana, “Mobembo”

    from Jeu Muke

    Sonima Music - 2000

  • Time: January 15 - 12:02:09 pm
  • Choc Stars, “Lettre K”

    from Hit Music Production Presente L'Orchestre Choc Stars

    Production Out of Africa - 1992

  • Time: January 15 - 12:09:04 pm
  • Verckys Présente Langa-Langa Stars Vol. 1

    Langa Langa Stars, “Tantine Betena”

    from Verckys Présente Langa-Langa Stars Vol. 1

    Editions Veve International - 1981

  • Time: January 15 - 12:20:58 pm
  • Vision

    Extra Musica Nouvel Horizon, “Soucis”

    from Vision

    Universal Music Africa - 2021

  • Time: January 15 - 12:26:54 pm
  • CALIGULA, Vol.2

    Le Karmapa, “Ema Kianda”

    from CALIGULA, Vol.2

    LE KARMAPA - 2017

  • Time: January 15 - 12:35:58 pm
  • Rochereau & L'African Fiesta National, “Martin Luther King 1 & 2”

    from Rochereau & L'African Fiesta National (1966/1969)

    Sonodisc - 1993

  • Time: January 15 - 12:44:18 pm
  • Nadia Soleil, Vol. 2

    Théo Blaise Kounkou, “Fausse amitié”

    from Nadia Soleil, Vol. 2

    Theo Blaise Kounkou - 1992

  • Time: January 15 - 12:52:05 pm
  • Mama Cathie

    "Fefe" David Diambouana, “Maman Cathie”

    from Mama Cathie

    Disques Sonics

    Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music    January 15th, 2023

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  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    On est ensemble

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    My 2 requests for few days : Ingratitude (L’orchestre Sacramento) and J.R. Masera desit (Didier Massela).

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    DJ Daudi, anyway, can you put 2 songs (Ingratitude by L’orchestre Sacramento & J.R. Masera désir by Didier Massela) again ?

  • Yann says:

    Love your shows. You’re French though lol.

  • Yann says:

    David I love your shows but man you’re French! Ha

  • Anastasio says:

    he erased tatiana’s voice on this version

  • Anastasio says:

    Roxy played that part in one of the Nessy de London songs

  • Anastasio says:

    I think there is a more several requests since that Tshala Muana passed away.

  • Anastasio says:

    request ? wow. Came from me or from another? Because it’s the same song where i mentioned some years ago. Anyway Jeu Muke it’s a good album, but it wasn’t promoted well.

  • 2sans43 says:

    Hi, DJ Daudi, can you put the songs of LP album Faux Parisien of Historia (group of Debaba), and the LP album Sisina of Choc Stars released in 1984 please?

  • Anastasio says:

    One of the reasons why Sam Tshintu left Black Bazar with hsi friend Modogo being alone.

  • Anastasio says:

    But the basslines of mario sounded different

  • Anastasio says:

    Wana ideologie ya Mario… good job from him.

  • Anastasio says:

    Also Zulema my favorite singer of BCBG and Sacramento (Watikanya).

  • David Noyes says:

    This is a mabanga album. I enjoy the songs anyway. And, like you, this is probably my favorite.

  • Anastasio says:

    I excepted more from him but i see balle de match as a more JB solo album and all musicians barely participating. the same situation happened with heritier wata when he released first volume in december 2020 and the second in february 2021 like JB did now with releasing the second volume of balle de match on the valentine’s day

  • Anastasio says:

    my favorite song right now from balle de match. the guy who’s singing also used to be in L’Orchestre Sacramento (Watikanya). His voice is everywhere.

  • David Noyes says:

    Good day. I have no idea. I’m just playing music that I brought with me.

  • Anastasio says:

    Bonjour a tout le monde, a toute l’equipe et a toi meme David. What’s on the plan today, what songs are you doing right now ?

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