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All of the albums shown here have someone in common.

The extremely prolific, highly regarded and sought after Congolese master guitarist, composer and arranger Rigobert Bamundele, aka Rigo Star, contributed in ways large and small to every one of them.

I’ll be playing ALL music today featuring his work from some these LP albums and from CD albums that were never released on LP.

If you’re seeing this post and would like to pick out an album from this pile on the floor, please let me know in the comments.


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    Time: November 5 - 11:00:42 am
  • King Kester Emeneya & Victoria Eleison Dream Team Dream Band, “sebene from DORIS ILOKO (theme song)”


    Black Music - 1995

  • Time: November 5 - 11:03:51 am
  • Viva la Musica 1977-1978-1980

    L'orchestre Viva La Musica, “Ngambo Moko (Fiesta Style)”

    from Viva la Musica 1977-1978-1980

    Ngoyarto - 1979

  • Time: November 5 - 11:12:39 am
  • Reddy Amisi & Viva La Musica, “Zakina”

    from Productions Mayala Presente Viva la Musica

    Productions Mayala - 1987

  • Time: November 5 - 11:21:36 am
  • Le N'Ganshie Stervos Niarcos, “Kinshasa Brazza (Ezali Mboka Moko)”

    from Dernier Coup De Sifflet

    Americano Productions - 1987

  • Time: November 5 - 11:30:07 am
  • Gina Le Poète Du Clan Langa ~ Langa, “Retro Aime”

    from Clan Langa-Langa

    C.L.L - 1982

  • Time: November 5 - 11:38:44 am
  • Teddy Sukami De Zaiko Langa Langa ‎– Son Dernier Enregistrement - EP

    Teddy Sukami, “Conscience Tranquille”

    from Teddy Sukami De Zaiko Langa Langa ‎– Son Dernier Enregistrement - EP

    Tonton Mayala et Gary Kiaba - 1986

  • Time: November 5 - 11:47:44 am
  • Le Prophète Cartouche, “Mariage Religieux”

    from Cartouche de Victoria Eleison

    Disques Espérance - 1986

  • Time: November 5 - 11:53:43 am
  • Jotongo

    Rigo Star, “Josky Chante Jotongo de Rigo Star”

    from Jotongo

    Editions Mayala - 1986

  • Time: November 5 - 12:03:15 pm
  • Josky Kiambukuta & Madilu System, “Piere”

    from Destin

    Ngoyarto - 1989

  • Time: November 5 - 12:10:05 pm
  • Défao Matumona & Choc Stars, “Aristote”

    from Defao De Choc Stars

    Editions Kaluila - 1987

  • Time: November 5 - 12:17:26 pm
  • Phénomene

    Mbilia Bel, “Tika-Bazuwa”

    from Phénomene

    Mbilia Production - 1988

  • Time: November 5 - 12:23:57 pm
  • Ngobila

    Koffi Olomidé, “Ngounda”

    from Ngobila

    Afro Rythmes - 1986

  • Time: November 5 - 12:37:04 pm
  • Golden Star dans "Stephie"

    Koffi Olomidé, “Petit Frere y'a Jesus”

    from Golden Star dans "Stephie"

    Koffi Olomidé - 1991

  • Time: November 5 - 12:44:14 pm
  • Moto Pamba

    Awilo Longomba, “Mawa na Ngaï”

    from Moto Pamba

    Jimmy's Production - 1995

  • Time: November 5 - 12:50:34 pm
  • Luciana Demingongo, “Flo”

    from Sang Bleu "Aziza"

    Ngoyarto - 1996

  • Time: November 5 - 12:55:46 pm
  • Rigo Star, “Attention! (instrumental)”

    from Attention!

    IMA Records - 1998

    Ambiance Congo / The Other Black Music    November 5th, 2023

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  • David Noyes says:

    Did you want to hear Gentil Garcon or Mon Coeur Saigne from Benz-Petrole?

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    To end the programm my requested songs for the next week were Edo Ndinga (Dagoson) and Mon cœur saigné gentil (Benz Petrole).

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Mawa ya biso moko we can say. Rigobert played excellent

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Lol, late Def remixed this song later as Mboka ya Diogène.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Rigo also participated on Fally’s album A2BM and several albums of Koffi until Prisonniers Dorments (Loi was his last album where he played guitars but it got deleted).

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    About Maman Angebi. Manda Chante was also present.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Most Viva Guys invited Rigo on several albums

  • David Noyes says:

    Great version on his Maman Angebi live album. But that is with Casa do Canto.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Reddy even performed Zakina in almost every concert until this day.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Oh yeah. Zakina became big hits until this day.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    18e anniversaire

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    But first, i decided to pick the one of Viva La Musica after seeing this picture. But i don’t remember which song it was, because Reddy sings really different in the past.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Another question can you play Gentil from Benz Petrole and Edo Ndinga from Dagoson very soon after this ?

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Also his compilation album Formule 1 with Koffi, Emeneya, Pepe Kalle, Madilu and others were excellent. He’s a big master. Paix a ton âme Vieux Bamundele.

  • Anastasio-Tomas Esono Ada says:

    Bonjour David Noyes. So sad that he passed away, he contributed alot. My favorite album with him were those Reddy Amisi was releasing: Prudence, Ziggy and Compteur a zero (he only played on Assistant Social and Mawe, because the rest were recorded in Kinshasa with Reddy’s band Casa).

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