The Church of the Ecstatic

The Church of the Ecstatic 40 – HALLOWEEN SPECIAL – PART ONE

Sister Euphonia

The story this time…

The four lads are apparently immortal, and eternally in their 20s, and have moved into a house in Richmond.  Surprisingly, they fit in pretty well.  But, the house is painted entirely black inside.  Neil’s got a bad feeling about this. Bad vibes, man.

Broadcasting live from the living room, with Sister Euphonia’s blessing, Neil tries to spin his favorite tunes, but Mike, Rik, and Vyvyan keep interrupting.

He starts getting spooked by the weird sounds in the big old house, and accidentally puts on some devil music, which causes him to lose control of the broadcast!

Next week:

The House starts to exert its ominous influence. As we draw closer to Halloween, things will get more intense!

(I feel really nerdy typing all this out, oh god. This first episode is really focused on The Young Ones, but I promise – things will grow in many different directions as time goes on!)

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Cliff Richards The Young Ones
David Bowie Ashes to Ashes
Echo & The Bunnymen Heads Will Roll
The Smiths Cemetery Gates
----Gong Heavy Tune
Madness House of Fun
Nine Below Zero Eleven + Eleven
Rip Rig & Panic You're my kind of Climate
Lovage (Mike Patton, Jennifer Charles, Dan the Automator) Pit Stop - Take me Home
Vegan Black Metal Chef Indian Feast of the Gods
The Young Ones South African Lentils
Neil Pye Neil the Barbarian, Lentil Nightmare, Computer Alarm, Floating Neil's Concept Album
The Young Ones Have we got a video?
The Damned Nasty Nasty
Sex Pistols No Future - God Save the Queen Spunk
Motorhead Ace of Spades
Love Line Caller steals skull
Misfits Skulls
Black Flag Police Story
Alexei Sayle Doctor Marten's Boots
---Arkona Gutsulka
Pink Floyd The Gnome
T. Rex Bang a Gong (Get it On) Electric Warrior
Hawkwind Silver Machine
-- The Beatles All you need is Love
Marillion Kayleigh
Butthole Surfers Hurdy Gurdy Man
Ghost Square Hammer Popestar
Mercyful Fate House on the Hill

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