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L.J. hosts End of the Century this week!
It feels like forever ago since he started doing his year snapshot thing , so it’s odd to think that he is only up to 1985! But, yeah, 1985 was an interesting year in music:
  • R.E.M., Tom Waits and Nick Cave were each in the middle of a brilliant string of albums;
  • Sting went solo and adult-contemporary AF;
  • Phil Collins “gifted the world” with “Sussudio”;
  • Prince actually gifts the world with “Raspberry Beret”;
  • Whitney Houston debuts with her self-titled hit factory;
  • David Bowie is the first major artist to have his entire back catalog converted to CD;
  • David Lee Roth leaves Van Halen;
  • Roger Waters announces that Pink Floyd is “a spent force, creatively”
  • Michael Jackson outbids Paul McCartney to purchase the publishing rights to The Beatles back catalog for $47MM;
  • And lest we forget, self-important virtue-signaling is finally given a theme song with “We are the World”.
So, let’s table 2021 for at least a couple hours on Saturday and visit 1985: A more innocent time when the current president was still just a real estate developer and said the following on 60 Minutes to Mike Wallace about the press: “I believe they make me out to be something more sinister than I really am.”

    End Of The Century    January 16th, 2021

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