The Unquiet Grave presents:

Tonight on The Unquiet Grave (9-11pm right here on WRIR): It’s 1989. The Berlin Wall is falling, the Exxon Valdez is hemorrhaging oil, Bush has assumed office, and my god, there is a lot of thrash metal coming out. This episode is a long look at what heavy music looked like that year, including briefs on death, doom, and hair, three big industrial classics, a dip into the burgeoning Seattle Sound, an Earache overview, and a world tour of killer thrash. Listen live right here or check the archive at!

    The Unquiet Grave    May 7th, 2023

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Metal Box presents:

   I’ll be playing a ton of Horror movie scores and lots of heavy metal, industrial, and goth music tonight!!!

    Metal Box    October 26th, 2018

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