Monday Breakfast Blend – Women Art Revolution presents:

A tribute out to the #RVA protest organizers who are keeping the force going. Your requests embedded in a show highlighting primarily black women musicians (a couple men show up per request) writing songs and singing from medieval to metal, from American, European, and African continents. I ease you into your day and push the energy halfway through. Follow along with me celebrating black women and non-binary folks saving the world.

    Monday Breakfast Blend – Women Art Revolution    June 22nd, 2020

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Tuesday Breakfast Blend presents:

Today we are still mourning the terrible mass shooting in Las Vegas, but also lifting up the music of black women in honor of the March for Black Women that was covered by the production team on Saturday in DC.

Set list and album art below- click “Read More”!

    Tuesday Breakfast Blend    October 3rd, 2017

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