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When music from an unknown source fills the hull and minds of the crew of the I.S.S. Sanchez, it’s 3 person crew reacts with wonder and horror as it haunts them relentlessly from an unknown source somewhere in deep space….

Cosmic Connections blasts off in Episode 1! The crew of the SS Sanchez after deciding that time had officially ended and now on the tailspin end of Hedonistic exploration they now enter a different phase on the course of their minds. Reality, such as it is in the cosmos appears distorted and clear at the same time, the promise of freedom and understanding from the cage of their ship hurtling unprotected in deep space. Will the SS Sanchez survive this cosmic trip?!

This episode has Buddhist sutra recitation, songs about meditation and contemplating the self. There are songs about desire, lost and a lot of heavy guitar riffs along with lilting acoustic melodies. Featuring Karen Beth, The Open Mind, Brewer & Shipley plus many more!

Cosmic Connections is an anthology of music and stories. It is produced and directed by David Ace, and the stories are written by Charlie Wells.

    Cosmic Connections    November 6th, 2023

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