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Not everything is a song. A symphony is not a song. A sonata is not a song. Only a song is a song,

In German, a song is called a “lied”, and songs are “lieder”. Today we listen to some “orchesterlieder”.

Click here to read a translation of Mahler’s “The Heavenly Life”, heard today sung by Elisabeth Schwarzkopf.

    Curved Air    November 21st, 2023

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Curved Air presents:

I’ve burnt myself out on Italian opera, so we are moving on to the Germans. Last week was Wagner, and this week is Strauss.

Text of Strauss’s final song:

Im Abendrot
German source: Joseph von Eichendorff

Wir sind durch Not und Freude
Gegangen Hand in Hand,
Vom Wandern ruhen wir
Nun überm stillen Land.Rings sich die Täler neigen,
Es dunkelt schon die Luft,
Zwei Lerchen nur noch steigen
Nachträumend in den Duft.Tritt her, und lass sie schwirren,
Bald ist es Schlafenszeit,
Dass wir uns nicht verirren
In dieser Einsamkeit.O weiter, stiller Friede!
So tief im Abendrot
Wie sind wir wandermüde—
Ist dies etwa der Tod?


At sunset
English translation © Richard Stokes

We have gone hand in hand
Through joys and distress,
Now we rest from our wanderings
High above the quiet land.Around us the valleys slope down,
The skies have begun to darken,
Only two larks, recalling a dream,
Soar up into the haze.Come, and leave them to fly,
Soon it will be time to sleep,
We must not lose our way
In this solitude.O vast and silent peace!
So deep in sunset glow,
How weary we are with wandering –
Could this perhaps be death?

    Curved Air    November 7th, 2023

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Curved Air presents:

[Above: Rosa Ponselle in 1919; Below: Bidu Sayão as Manon]

[Below: Anna Moffo in 1962]

    Curved Air    March 14th, 2023

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