Cosmic Connections presents:

Cosmic Connection 17

Cosmic Connections returns this week on its new day and time! Doesn’t Fridays feels like a natural place in the week to engage mysterious sounds? I think so!

This week’s theme is about witchcraft and voodoo. We’ll be hearing from Goblin, Exuma, Xhol, Os Mutantes, Michael Hurly and lots more! Tune in, extend your night and expand your mind!

    Cosmic Connections    April 12th, 2024

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Cosmic Connections presents:


A mix so dark, mysterious and horrifically mesmerizing that you may find yourself traversing dimensions of the mind body and soul. A ghoulish mix that will protect as it invokes mystical vibrations of blood curdling proportions! Including artists such as Masahiko Satoh, DJ Muggs, Kutmah, Scientist, Alec Empire, Dead Can Dance and lots more!

Come celebrate our first episode by experiencing a soft introduction into the our hallmarks, theory and mission that we entrusted to the crew of The ISS Sanchez for their voyage.


Cosmic Connections is an anthology of music and stories. It is produced and directed by David Ace and the stories are written by Charlie Wells.

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    Cosmic Connections    October 30th, 2023

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