Higher Consciousness presents:


Big energy this week y’all! Dream big and stay focused on what you want . It’s a time for transmutation and transformation. Become what you dream your best self would be and feel like.

    Higher Consciousness    March 23rd, 2023

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Higher Consciousness presents:

Welcome to the year 2023, where we can start off with a positive mindset with this playlist today. You are designed to raise your frequency to a higher vibration. Today’s show is all about mantras, using your words to communicate manifestations into your life. Imagine how it feels to have exactly what you want and need. Let’s bask in that feeling of accomplishment. Tho it hasn’t happened yet for some of you, remember how it feels to win and carry that energy with you all year long. I believe in your success! Positive affirmations for us today. This full moon on Friday is a good time to release all that no longer serves a positive purpose in your life.

    Higher Consciousness    January 5th, 2023

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