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Tonight METAL BOX presents score from 2010 horror/thriller movie “INSIDIOUS”, with new music from DEATH LOVES VERONICA (TX) and SKOLD (CA)… Plus heavy metal, industrial music, darkwave, and dark music!!!

    Metal Box    April 21st, 2022

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“The state didn’t flush my eyes, the state didn’t take glass out of my hand”
“These are swastikas, sieg heil, these are NAZIS”

CLICK READ MORE BELOW to hear the story on Soundcloud.

Part 2 of the audio documentary series PSA CHARLOTTESVILLE dives deeper beyond the attack to hear accounts of political climate, police and takeaways from August 12th’s violent attack and protest in Charlottesville VA.

Find Episode 1 on soundcloud by searching PSA Charlottesville on Soundcloud or listening in the archive player at listen.


        August 30th, 2017

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