Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead) presents:

if there is a Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven, then it just got a lot louder and friendly all at once this past weekend. we start tonight’s Dog Germs with a celebration of what Brandon Bates meant to Richmond (and the rest of the world actually!) by playing a set of Low On Sanity tracks. Brandon was not just a singer for one Richmond’s most loved local bands, but he was a personality that could be found throughout all facets of our community through his work at The Byrd Theater, his many guest appearances on WRIR, and his presence at most of the city’s music venues, not only as a performer, but as a supporter too. he was a dear friend and loyal supporter of Dog Germs and is truly missed. RIP Brandon Bates (aka Bob From Accounting)

also happening on tonight’s show, your chance to win a pair of tickets to next Tuesday’s Suicide Commando show happening at Fallout, or tickets to see TimeCop 1983 at Fallout on May 31st. we’ll hear music from these great bands as well as several others playing in Richmond and the surrounding areas in the next couple of weeks.

also, new music tonight from Aiboforcen, The Barbarellatones, Helalyn Flowers, Korine, Lederman/De Meyer, The Cemetery Boys, and new old music from Principe Valiente.

all this and much more!

upcoming shows:

The Cemetery Boys, Gothic Lizard, The Purge on May 26th @ Riffhouse Pub, Chesapeake, VA
Suicide Commando, Die Sektor, Stoneburner on May 29th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
TimeCop 1983, Aeon Rings, Korine on May 31st @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Chrome, Hex Machine, With Sympathy on June 2nd @ Strange Matter, Richmond, VA
The Glitch Mob w/Elohim on June 2nd @ 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
The Glitch Mob w/Elohim on June 3rd @ 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
Adoration Destroyed, FIRES, Xentrifuge on June 5th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Please Don’t Tell on June 5th @ The Pit, Charlottesville, VA
The Glitch Mob on June 7th @ The National, Richmond, VA
A Place Both Wonderful And Strange, True Body, Little Black Rain Clouds, Gothic Lizard on June 7th @ Strange Matter, Richmond, VA
Type Trauma, This Hollow Machine, Sundrug on June 12th @ Norfolk Taphouse, Norfolk, VA
Combichrist, Wednesday 13, Night Club, Prison, Death Valley High on June 12th @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA
Stoneburner on June 12th @ Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA
Cold Cave, Black Marble, Choir Boy on June 16th @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Cold Cave, Black Marble, Choir Boy on June 17th @ The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
The Russian White w/Soundvvitch on June 17th @ Fallout, Richmond, VA
Valentine Wolfe on June 19th @ Goth Night, Charlottesville, VA
Grandeur on June 26th @ The Pit, Charlottesville, VA
Strangelove on July 6th @ The Broadberry, Richmond, VA
Rob Zombie w/Marilyn Manson on July 20th @ Veterans United Home Loans Amphitheater, Virginia Beach, VA
Rob Zombie w/Marilyn Manson on July 21st @ Jiffy Lube Live, Bristow, VA
Echo & The Bunnymen w/Violent Femmes on July 23rd @ The National, Richmond, VA
Echo & The Bunnymen w/Violent Femmes on July 24th @ The Norva, Norfolk, VA
Hante, Kontravoid, Technophobia, Remote/Control, Radiator Greys on August 3rd @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
Crash Course In Science, Sally Dige, Void Vision, Twins, Funeral Lace on August 4th @ Black Cat, Washington, D.C.
The Alarm on August 9th @ The Tin Pan, Richmond, VA
The Fixx on August 11th @ The Tin Pan, Richmond, VA
Gary Numan w/Nightmare Air on September 21st @ 9:30 Club, Washington, D.C.
Doyle on November 11th @ Canal Club, Richmond, VA


    Time: May 22 - 6:59:59 pm
  • Skinny Puppy, “Dig It (Short Edit)”

    from The Singles Collect

    Nettwerk Records - 1999

  • Time: May 22 - 7:08:03 pm
  • Low on Sanity, “Regression”

    from Live on WRIR's River City Limits

    None - 2013

  • Time: May 22 - 7:12:29 pm
  • Low on Sanity, “Before I Drown (Backward Agenda Mix)”

    from Nemesis: Re-Cut

    self-released - 2011

  • Time: May 22 - 7:17:37 pm
  • Low on Sanity, “Bodybuilders With Guns”

    from Nemesis

    self-released - 2010

  • Time: May 22 - 7:20:39 pm
  • Low on Sanity, “Next World”

    from I Didn't Mean To Kill Anybody...I Just Shot Him In The Head

    self-released - 2004

  • Time: May 22 - 7:31:47 pm
  • Suicide Commando, “My Blasphemy”

    from When Evil Speaks

    Metropolis - 2013

  • Time: May 22 - 7:35:57 pm
  • Die Sektor, “Inverted Structure”

    from The Final Electro Solution

    NoiTekk - 2012

  • Time: May 22 - 7:40:04 pm
  • Stoneburner, “Osafa Chram (Go Fight Remix)”

    from Osafa Chram

    self-released - 2017

  • Time: May 22 - 7:47:23 pm
  • The Cemetery Boys, “Small Town Funeral Home”

    from Death Warmed Over - EP

    Spinnup - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 7:49:32 pm
  • Gothic Lizard, “Welcome To The Tribe”

    from Gothic Lizard - EP

    COLD VISION INC. - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 7:52:47 pm
  • The Purge, “The Danse”

    from The Bad Ideas We Build Worlds

    Purge Music - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 8:01:07 pm
  • Timecop1983, “It Was Only a Dream”

    from Night Drive

    self-released - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 8:06:20 pm
  • ├ćON RINGS, “No More Pain”

    from Floods - EP

    Synthemesc Recordings - 2014

  • Time: May 22 - 8:11:15 pm
  • Korine, “not In Love”

    from Not in Love - Single

    Korine - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 8:15:02 pm
  • Chrome, “Eyes In The Center (Extended Mix)”

    from Industrial Revolution Third Edition: Rare & Unreleased

    Cleopatra - 1996

  • Time: May 22 - 8:23:52 pm
  • The Glitch Mob, “Take Me with You (feat. Arama)”

    from See Without Eyes

    Glass Air - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 8:29:27 pm
  • Adoration Destroyed, “Carnal Dirge (Interface Remix)”

    from Ritual Deconstruction - EP

    Cleopatra Records - 2017

  • Time: May 22 - 8:34:21 pm
  • Fires, “Tell No One”

    from Red Goes Grey

    Metropolis Records - 2017

  • Time: May 22 - 8:39:13 pm
  • Xentrifuge, “A Summoning”

    from Desensitized Parallels

    Cleopatra Records - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 8:43:59 pm
  • Please Don't Tell, “Words”

    from none

    None - 2016

  • Time: May 22 - 8:49:24 pm
  • Aiboforcen, “Ablation a Vif (feat. Dan Barrett of Venal Flesh)”

    from Sense & Nonsense

    Alfa Matrix - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 8:53:00 pm
  • Lederman / De Meyer, “The Revenant”

    from Eleven Grinding Songs

    Alfa Matrix - 2018

  • Time: May 22 - 8:58:03 pm
  • Low on Sanity, “Pull”

    from Nemesis

    self-released - 2010

    Dog Germs / PND (punk’s not dead)    May 22nd, 2018

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