Breakfast Snob 1-18-2017: Apocalypse Sooner or Later


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Curtis Mayfield Mighty Mighty/ I Plan to Stay a Believer Live 1971
Public Enemy Contract On The World Love Jam Fear of a Black Planet 1990
Bootsy Collins w/ Samuel L Jackson After These Messages Funk Capital of the World 2011
Public Enemy Fight the Power Fear of a Black Planet 1990
The Kinks Announcement Preservation Act 2 1973
Robbie Robertson Go Back To Your Woods
Stevie Wonder Look Around Where I'm Coming From
Pink Floyd In The Flesh/The Trial The Wall 1979
Frank Zappa/ RPC It Can't Happen Here/ Russian National Anthem mixedupdj 5pm
Bruce Springstreen Lost in the Flood
Neil Young Vampire Blues On The Beach 1974
Funkadelic Some More
Gary Numan and Tubeway Army Praying to the Aliens Replicas 1979
Devo Mongoloid Q: Are We Not Men
The Kinks Brainwashed Arthur or the Decline and Fall... 1969
David Bowie Diamond Dogs Diamond Dogs
Damien Dempsey Marching Season Siege
The Grand Astoria Something Wicked This Way Comes Omnipresence Grand Astoria/Bandcamp 2011
Organic Is Orgasmic Dawn of Men As We Speak of Space and Wisdom Flowerpunk/Bandcamp 2011
Maat's Lander The Birth of Maat's Galaxy The Birth of Maat's Galaxy R.A.I.G 2015
Os Mutantes The Dream is Gone

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