HAPPY HOUSE goes filthy


Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Siouxsie and the Banshees Happy House Kaliedoscope Polydor 1980
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club Ha Ha High Babe Take Them On, On Their Own Virgin 2003
Deftones Dai the Flu Around the Fur Maverick 1997
These Arms Are Snakes Lead Buster Tail Swallower and Dove Daymare 2008
Marilyn Manson Kinderfeld Antichrist Superstar Nothing Records 1996
Ministry Game Show Filth Pig Sire/Warner Bros 1996
Buzzov.en Break Me Off Revelation: Sick Again Sounds Of The South 2007
Converge Hell to Pay Jane Doe Equal Vision 2001
Nails Depths Unsilent Death Six Feet Under 2010
Oathbreaker The Abyss Looks Into Me Eros | Anteros Deathwish 2013
Oozing Wound Hippie Speedball Earth Suck Thrill Jockey 2014
Baroness Isak Red Relapse 2007
Pelican Between the Walls/Mammoth Arktika self-released 2013
Melvins Night Goat Houdini Atlantic 1992
Dope Body Sludge Split w/ Child Bite Forge Again 2011
Mutoid Man Friday the 13/8 Helium Head Magic Bullet 2012
Boris Nothing Special Pink Diwphalanx 2005
Hex Machine Haunted Fixator Learning Curve 2012
Windhand Orchard Soma Relapse 2013
Electric Wizard Satyr IX Black Masses Rise Above 2010

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