A Drone’s Life presents:

DJ Freyja calms your week down with some drone, ambient, and noise. Let’s get chill for the end of the week.

Find her on Twitter, Mastodon, Post, Spoutable, and Tribel as @CarolOlson,  Instagram @carolaolson,

    A Drone’s Life    January 4th, 2024

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Metal Box presents:

“METAL BOX” presents score from 1971 sci-fi/post-apocalyptic movie “THE OMEGA MAN” composed by RON GRAINER and special phone interview with Industrial-noise/digital noise/electronic artist HINDU PEZ based out of Norfolk, VA., talking with him about his new E.P. It’s going to be a night of pandemic chaos and electronic crazyness! Heavy metal, goth, industrial, punk and dark music.

    Metal Box    February 4th, 2021

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