River City Limits presents:

This episode of River City Limits Aired on 10/15/22. If you were alive on 10/15/22 then 10/15/22 was the last 10/15/22 you’ll ever experience. Probably.

When this episode aired all* the songs played had only been released in the past 2-3 weeks. Whenever you’re reading this, that probably will no longer be the case.


“The wall will fall to the wind as the windy hill


will fall, and all things thought in former times:


Nothing made remains, nor man remembers.


And these towns shall be called the shining towns!”


Take your time.

Please enjoy this show.



A picture of someone touching fresh fruit.

Fresh and New. New and Fresh.


*The DJ tried. Zor’s album is from 2018. Ducttape’s song was re-released on Bandcamp last week but came out initially in 2021. What’s important is we all had fun and no one got hurt.

    River City Limits    October 15th, 2022

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