End Of The Century presents:

Janet Jackson, Control
LJ hosts End of the Century today!
From the man himself:
I have reached 1986 in my survey of each year! We don’t typically think of 1986 or the late ’80’s in general as strong years in the annals of music history, but I will argue that this bias is undeserved.
Exhibit A: Janet Jackson’s Control came out in 1986
Exhibit B: So did “I Want You” by Elvis Costello
Exhibit C: So did my favorite Nick Cave album.
Exhibit D: So did “Kiss” by Prince … one of my favorite karaoke songs.
The defense rests.

    End Of The Century    March 13th, 2021

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Friday Clock Out presents:

Carnage by Nick Cave & Warren Ellis

L.J. will be hosting Friday Clock Out this evening!

He’ll probably spin a couple tracks from the new Nick Cave and Warren Ellis album, Carnage, that was released this week! And maybe he’ll chat a bit about where the revered Mr. Cave’s output as of late. Also, what if a radio show played way too many versions of “Heartbreak Hotel”?

    Friday Clock Out    March 5th, 2021

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What the Fontaine?! presents:

Paul Cauthen - Room 41

Let’s start talking about the music of 2019! I’m going to touch on some of the highlights of my musical year!


    What the Fontaine?!    December 20th, 2019

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