Sunrise Ocean Bender (1st, 3rd)/ Happy House (2nd,4th)/Altered Circuitry: ReWired (5th)

Find Me Where I’m Hiding

rev. dr. atavist

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Garden Gate Spiral Staircase Dark Harvest Golden Brown 2016
Jacco Gardner Find Yourself Hypnophobia Polyvinly 2015
Doug Tuttle On Your Way It Calls On Me Trouble in Mind 2016
The Beginner's Mynd Waiting For You Singing Man Hidden Volume Records 2016
The Honey Poy Dr. Crippen's Waiting Room Ascending Scales Fruits de Mer 2016
Icarus Peel Planting People Forget-Me-Not Under Pussy Willow Mega Dodo 2016
The Junipers Esmeranda Red Bouquet Fair The Junipers 2016
The Valkarys Grandma Since I Was Fifteen Wrong Way Records 2016
The Orange Drop Julia Dream Stoned in Love Mega Dodo 2016
Vibravoid Set the Controls for the Heart of the Sun Plankton Fruits de Mer 2016
Baby Woodrose Reality Freedom Bad Afro 2016
Måneskjold Bilspil Kometen Kommer Kommun 2 2016
The Junkyard Liberty Crazy Bones Chains Wrong Way Records 2016
The Diamond Center Messenger of Wonder Crystals for the Brass Empire Egghunt `2015
Motivation The Cult of Boydah Spår The Cult of Boydah 2016
Muertos Ballroom Spritzer EP1 Wrong Way Records 2016
No Mightier Creatures To Cross No Mightier Creatures No Mightier Creatures 2016
Nudity Hurry On Sundown Is God's Creation Cardinal Fuzz 2016
Cary Grace Kozmik Eye The Uffculme Variations Cary Grace 2016
Vespero Tall Tree Azmari: Abyssinian Liventure Vespero 2016

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