Altered Circuitry

Can You Make It?

rev. dr. atavist

Artist Song Album Record Label Year/Comments
Gabe Knox Carbon Bubble EP: A Gabe Knox 2015
Astralasia Journey of the Sorcerer The Fruits de Mer Records Guide To The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy Fuits de Mer Records 2016
The Overload Fortieth Floor The Overload The Overload 2016
Moth Effect Roll It Back Up Crocodilians Sun Stone 2015
Hashish Make It A Product of Hashish Subliminal Sounds 2016
Black Tempest Cosmonaut Enfodling Light Black Tempest 2016
Necro Deathmort First Rays The Capsule Rocket Recordings 2016
Sinoia Caves Evil Ball The Enchanter Persuaded Jagjaguwar 2006
United Bible Studies An Gort Gan Geata So As To Preserve The Mystery Deep Water Acres 2015
Enumclaw ZuniinuZ Holographic Headdress Honeymoon Music 2013
Cosmic Ground Sol Cosmic Ground 2 Cosmic Ground 2016
Tangerine Dream Ricochet Part One The Virgin Years 1974-1978 Virgin 2011
E GONE Hazel Motes At The Plastic Vortex All the Suns of the Earth Deep Water Acres/Sunrise Ocean Bender 2014

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